VOTE 1: For Communication Access

People with communication difficulties can confidently “go to the polls” and have someone who is trained to communicate effectively with them!

The Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) recently became the first Victorian government agency to be successfully assessed as being Communication Accessible, which is in line with its Disability Action Plan objective to ‘Improve staff awareness and assistance’.

VEC communication board
With Scope’s support, the VEC developed communication boards, with words and pictures relevant to the voting process, to assist staff in communicating with electors with communication difficulties. These boards can also be beneficial for people with hearing impairments and English language difficulties.

Staff at reception and the enrolment branch attended training, where they learnt strategies to better assist people with communication difficulties in person and over the phone.

In addition, two election staff members from each of the attendance election offices were trained prior to the 2012 council elections and the VEC plans to have trained staff available in each of the 2014 state election offices that also function as early voting centres.

A great commitment to Communication Access – where everyone can get their message across.