Good things! Communication and quality of life in group homes

Thousands of people with intellectual disabilities live in group homes in Victoria.  Many of these people have communication difficulties of various sorts.  This can make it difficult to live a full and valued life.

Communication is essential to many activities both within the home (e.g. choosing what to eat; resolving conflict; asking for help) and beyond (e.g. developing and maintaining friendships; participation in education, employment and leisure).  For many group home residents, participation in these activities relies on access to appropriate augmentative communication systems, and to trained staff who can support their use.

Good Things is a new training video which has been developed to show how communication can contribute to quality of life in group homes.  Good Things demonstrates how communication skills such as active listening, visual symbols and Key Word Signing are used in real-life situations in a group home in Melbourne.  It demonstrates how a culture of respect and autonomy can develop when staff understand how to listen to clients and support their expressive communication methods.

After months of work from many project partners, the Inner South Communication Service is excited to announce that Good Things will be ready for release in March 2014.  The video will be available free of charge through the Internet, and we would like to see it as widely used as possible.  Keep watching this blog for a link to the video!

Photo of the Good Things video showing Maria using signing at her local pharmacy.

A still shot from Good Things shows Maria using signing at her local pharmacy

Good things was funded by the Department of Human Services.  Captions for the hearing impaired were funded by Bayside Council.

For further information, please contact the Inner South Regional Communication Service at [email protected].

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