Supporting community participation within the Grampians Region

A joint initiative with CLUB LOWD – McCallum Disability Support

Over the past four years, Grampians Regional Communication service has been working closely with participants of the CLUB LOWD community access program at McCallum disability services. This joint initiative was established from the introduction of primary communication and AAC training within McCallum Day services. From this training some key staff members took an active interest in promoting communication, and in particular, getting the clients of Club Lowd out and active within the community.

Initially Grampians Regional Communication Service sought the assistance of clients at Club Loud in relation to communication access at local businesses. From this our relationship became stronger with regular meetings in relation to communication access, using and prescribing communication devices and supports, as well as helping further with participation within the community. Both GRCS and McCallum have found this relationship invaluable and it has been great to see the introduction of some new communication aids, both high and low tech, for many of the clients. Working closely with McCallum has allowed GRCS to take a step back and look at all aspects of our work from the perspective of an individual who has a complex communication need.

Below are some snapshots and quotes, from clients within the Club Lowd program, in relation to some joint activities completed with GRCS.
Photo of Christian ordering his lunch using Sono Flex Lite Program

“Using the Sono Flex Lite Program helps me to be more independent in ordering things for lunch when I am out and about. I can do this by myself. I also take photo’s to explain what I would like to buy. This is good and people have a clearer understanding of what I am asking”
Christian Skontra


Photo of Rebecca Hoare using her Light writer
‘’My light writer helps me to get explain what I am thinking to people when they can’t understanding what I am trying saying, I don’t feel upset or angry when I can type on my light writer’’. Rebecca Hoare

Grampians regional communication service presented to the community of McCallum a workshop on communication apps giving hands on experiences with iPad ‘s and explaining each app individually with the opportunity to trial the app on the day.
Photo of workshop using communication apps on the iPad

By Megan Nestor