Cuppa and Conversation

Cuppa and Conversation is a social group for people between 18 and 65 years of age living with communication disability. The group was launched by the West Hume Regional Communication Service in September 2013 in Shepparton and Seymour. It was designed for people with an acquired communication disability and their significant others as this was a gap in services for people living in the West Hume area.

A photo of a few regulars of our Shepparton group taken in February.

A photo of a few regulars of our Shepparton group taken in February.

Once a month, the group catches up in a local café. Over a coffee and slice of cake, they share experiences, chat about footy, tell their travel stories, and have a laugh. People in the group communicate using their preferred style of communication – a few use a little speech, some use gesture, while others use an electronic communication device. For one person, Cuppa and Conversation has been a very positive experience:

“Through Cuppa and Conversation I have developed a new network of friends and they all possess the patience that is required to converse through a machine like a Lightwriter which I find so refreshing to experience in a group conversation.”

If you are interested in finding out more about Cuppa and Conversation, contact Karen Oswald, West Hume Regional Communication Service, on 03 5723 2074.

By Karen Oswald