Anyone for a swim?

Leisure Centres across the northern metropolitan region have continued to embrace communication access. In partnership with the North West Metro Regional Communication Service (NW RCS), several centres this year have been working on becoming more communication accessible for people with communication difficulties.

Communication board developed for front reception

Communication board developed for front reception


WaterMarc is one leisure centre in Greensborough which have recently been working on creating a communication friendly environment.




NW RCS has supported the centre in:

  • Staff training; staff from front desk, to lifeguards, to gym trainers have attended a workshop about communication access and communicating with people with disabilities. This session was co-presented by a person with communication difficulties using an electronic communication device which is always noted as an excellent learning opportunity for all
  • Consulting with staff, carers and people with communication difficulties about useful communication aids and strategies to assist in this environment
  • Developing customised communication aids / boards for the front desk, gym, lifeguards to support independent communication between people with communication difficulties and staff
  • Working on sustainable systems e.g., staff induction packages to ensure all new staff access relevant information regarding this initiative.
Communication Access logo

Communication Access Symbol


WaterMarc will soon be ready to undergo a ‘communication access assessment’ by a mystery shopper with communication difficulties, in order to apply to be awarded the Communication Access Symbol.




Other centres who have worked to improve communication accessibility in partnership with NW RCS were recently successfully accredited with the Communication Access Symbol include;

  • Coburg Leisure Centre
  • Fawkner Leisure Centre
  • Brunswick Baths

Congratulations to these centres on the work they have done and on achieving the Communication Access Symbol!

It’s a great time for a swim in the north!

By Kym Torresi