My experience as a speech pathologist

My name is Zarah Lont, I am currently based in Warragul and have begun working in Regional Communication Service in June 2014. I am a new grad Speech Pathologist, finishing my studies at Charles Sturt University in 2013.

So far being part of the Communication Access Network has been an eye opening experience. I am finding the work of CAN highly rewarding. At university, the focus of studies was individual therapies. Being exposed to CAN while on a fourth year placement and now working in the position has given me a an appreciation of the range of supports and education that is in the role of a speech pathologist.

In the few months that I have been in the RCS position, I have made wonderful friendships and connections. The Gippsland RCS team including Bernie, Mel and I can’t forget Chris have been so supportive in helping me settle in.


As a team we recently delivered an Accessible Written Information Workshop, which was highly successful. This was a great introduction for me about delivering training using a community capacity building approach.

I have been involved in supporting a number of individuals and the people that support them. I’m discovering the amazing variety of communication resources around, and finding it rewarding being able to share these to enhance participation for individuals.

Overall I am very excited and enthusiastic about continuing to work as part of CAN. The short journey so far has been wonderful and I can’t wait to continue to develop my skills into the future. I know my work so far is only a small aspect of the role, so I am anticipating that as I discover more, I will only grow into the role even more. I am hugely grateful from the overall support I have received within CAN, it really is a fantastic network to be part of.

By Zarah Lont