Nillumbik Health Celebrates AAC Awareness Month

nillumbik-health-logoNillumbik Health is embarking on the 2nd phase of its project to become Communication Accessible. To alert more staff to this process, and to celebrate AAC Awareness month, we held a Silent Morning Tea on Monday October 26th.

About 20 people came to the morning tea, and fully embraced the spirit of the event in their willingness to follow the “rules” and not speak. People used a range of strategies, such as natural gesture and facial expression, writing with pens and paper provided, alphabet boards and texting on their phones.

communication-baords-CTS-new  IMG_0761-sml

Some people used some signs and finger spelling, often learned years ago!

IMG_0771-sml IMG_0763-sml

People used key word sign and picture boards to ask someone to get them a drink and something to eat…followed by a game of Silent Bingo.

IMG_0766-sml IMG_0779-sml

There were a number of communication aids on display and participants took away stickers and books.

Overall it was a most successful event, with participants saying that they learned more about what it is like not to be able to speak, and the range of communication strategies available.

– Libby Brownlie
North-West Regional Communication Service