Communication Access eLearning Module

The Speech Pathologists from the Gippsland and Inner South regions have created an eLearning module for Communication Access Training. The website can be accessed by anyone working towards an accessible service with the support of a CAN partner. Contact your local Regional Communication Service to learn more.

The module is available online and comprises a series of videos, downloadable documents and an interactive quiz.

This eLearning package was created to combat the challenges often associated with providing face to face training, such as staff availability, scheduling, staff turnover and driving to regional areas.

The package and the resources within can be used in a number of ways:

  • A standalone training package to prepare for a Communication Access Symbol assessment
  • Refresher training
  • Part of an orientation package for all new staff at an organisation
  • Pre-training task before more in-depth face to face training is delivered
  • Videos shown during face to face training

Should you have any questions regarding this package or Communication Access in general please contact Scope’s Communication & Inclusion Resource Centre or your local Regional Communication Service