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Easy English training received with great enthusiasm

East Hume Regional Communication Services rolled out Easy English Training to regional organisations wanting to improve access to printed information for all their community members.

Team members from Community AccessAbility Wangaratta, Upper Murray Family Care and Interchange Wodonga and Wangaratta attended lunch time sessions held in Wangaratta and Wodonga.

Up skilling staff within their Wangaratta and Wodonga offices was high on the agenda. Attending the training session is just the beginning to helping these organisations learn ways to develop “Easy English” resources for their clients. 

Community AccessAbility is an organisation utilising contributions from over 220 volunteers to deliver programs to the 12 Shires of the Hume region of Victoria and provide services and programs including:- Community Transport, Volunteer Friends and Getting There Network.

Upper Murray Family Care (UMFC) and Interchange is a vibrant and diverse organisation whose primary goal is to strengthen, nurture and care for children and families throughout North East Victoria and the Upper Murray. Some of their services include Aged and Disability Support Services, Child and Family Services, Family Relationship Services and Foster Care.

The training sessions were a fantastic way to introduce team members to the “Easy English” opportunities and styling when developing brochures and service documents required in everyday use.

Anna, Brooke and Maddy complete the activity of creating some “Easy English” phrases.

Anna, Brooke and Maddy complete the activity of creating some “Easy English” phrases.

Staff were keen to engage in the activities delivered and the feedback focused on including more of these “hands on activities” as they felt it helped them to adjust their thinking and use plain language.

Feedback from the whole presentation was positive with staff able to discuss what documents they could start to produce in “Easy English”

“It was good having two presenters to create a balance”

“Good balance of activities and information on the power point”

“This training session made me realise we need to think differently about not being “pretty” with our documents but clear and concise”

By Justine Waite East Hume Regional Communication Service